How to find the best popper?

How to find the best popper for you?

When you open a site for selling poppers do you feel slightly lost for not knowing which product is best for you? In the midst of so many brands and so many types of poppers, finding out which one is ideal may not be an easy task, but we will give you all the information you need to make the right choice!

Which type of popper is right for you?

It is important to start by realizing that, although the effects among poppers are practically the same, they are made up of different nitrites. This causes some characteristics such as smell and colour to be different. In addition, the intensity of some of the effects of these love liquids can also vary depending on their composition. To find out what you can expect from each nitrite, we will inform you on the different poppers that you can currently find on the market:

• Amyl Nitrite Popper: Those who are experienced consumers say they have no doubt that these poppers are among the strongest on the market. They differ from the rest in that their effects appear gradually and are the most lasting. They are ideal for party environments as they cause feelings of euphoria. If you are a beginner, this is the popper for you! Rise Up, Ghost, Amyl and Jungle Juice Gold Label are some best sellers of amyl nitrite poppers.

• Pentyl Nitrite Popper: Let us tell you a secret: these poppers cause the strongest erections! And the more lasting ones too! Although they have a mild smell, this is a very potent nitrite! In addition, it has a great advantage over others. Because it is a less volatile nitrite, this popper is the one that evaporates the less and, consequently, lasts longer. Test for yourself with Highrise, Extreme Ultra Strong, Jungle Juice Black Label… And you'll have the best sex ever!

• Isopropyl Nitrite Popper: Contrary to the previous one, isopropyl nitrite is more volatile and therefore evaporates faster. However, one of the reasons why it remains one of the favourites is due to the fact that it is the popper that presents a lower percentage of occurrences of side effects, such as nausea, coughing or headaches (although quite common, there are several tricks to avoid headache in addition to opting for this nitrite). On the market, the options of this type of nitrite are many, and among them you will find famous brands like Rush, Blue Boy, Dragon Power and Amsterdam.

• Hexyl Nitrite Popper: If this type of nitrite doesn't sound very familiar to you, it's normal. Hexyl nitrite poppers are new to the market. Although recent, they have already won over the most demanding consumers. In addition to its potent effects, this new formula is a testament to the industry's concern for greater environmental sustainability. This is because these poppers are the least toxic to the environment. Poppers Blue Boy 30ml, Jungle Juice Platinum 30ml and The Real Amsterdam 30ml were chosen to have their composition reformulated with the new Hexyl nitrite.

• Mixing Amyl Nitrite with Isopropyl Poppers: When we say that two is better than one, it's no joke! This formula combines the best of the two nitrites in one bottle with powerful effects. The effects of amyl and propyl complement each other resulting in incredible sexual sensations. Dragon Strong and El Toro are poppers which effects match their names perfectly!

These are the aspects that most characterize each of the poppers and the effects that each nitrite tends to intensify. However, as we told you earlier, they are not very different from each other. The relaxation of muscles for better penetration, the feeling of euphoria, disinhibition and increased pleasure are some of the common effects. The difference is the intensity with which they are felt. But one thing is certain: they will all have the ability to provide you with moments of true pleasure and excitement.

So what is the best popper for you?

In fact, we couldn't answer that question in a concrete way, even if you tell us exactly what you're looking for in a popper. This is because the effects of these substances vary from person to person, as we all have organisms that react differently to nitrites. So how can you find your way around the search for the perfect popper? To know which popper to buy you have to make a selection of possibilities taking into account the characteristics and brands that we have already presented to you before. Then it's a matter of experimenting with various poppers until you find the ones you like best.

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Our advice: try several poppers until you find the ideal one for you

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