Types of poppers

Types of Poppers

Did you ever see someone sniffing a small bottle during a party and were curious to know what it was? Or did you hear a friend commenting on the best orgasm of their life after inhaling from a substance from a bottle? Possibly both the party person and your friend used the same product: a popper. We know that by now you should be asking yourself how it is possible, if it is obvious that the two were looking for different experiences. This is due to the fact that there are poppers of varying components, which will provide different sensations. If you want to get to know these products a little better and what types of poppers you can find, just keep on reading.

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What types of poppers are there?

The term popper is popularly used to refer to the alkyl nitrites consumed by inhalation. They are true sexual allies and their advantages are endless. Poppers can be made of:

  • Amyl nitrite
  • Pentyl nitrite
  • Propyl nitrite
  • Hexyl nitrite
  • Butyl nitrite

- Poppers produced with Amyl Nitrite

Poppers made from amyl nitrite are among the strongest on the market. Inside the bottle of this type of poppers we find a transparent liquid with a strong and powerful smell. This popper became a favourite of the 70s, the disco era. Just imagine its disinhibiting and euphoric effects together with the lights and the psychedelic music of nightclubs to understand its popularity. In addition, although they all have a short action, their effects are more lasting compared to the other formulas.

Are you tempted to try an amyl nitrite popper? With its advantages, it is no wonder. And to make your search easier, we've selected some of the best amyl poppers to try: Amyl, Rise Up, Pur Amyl, Ghost, The Real Amsterdam Black Label.

It is also important to inform that poppers made of amyl are the most suitable and used to facilitate the practice of fisting.

- Poppers made with Pentyl Nitrite

This formula is magical and its powers will make you invincible. Ideal for both a more sensual sex and a more hot night, these poppers will provide you with the strongest erections. In addition, inhalation will result in the relaxation of the anal and vaginal muscles, leading to easier penetration. Despite having a mild and pleasant aroma, the truth is that it has quite potent effects. As if all of this was not enough, pentyl nitrites have yet another advantage: they are the least volatile and, consequently, they are the ones that evaporate the least and last the longest.

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- Poppers consisting of Propyl Nitrite

This pale yellow, pleasant-smelling liquid produces aphrodisiac results. The effects of propyl nitrite are not as long-lasting due to the fact that they are very volatile. Despite this, it is a nitrite that has a lower incidence of side effects. Since it was the strongest popper on the market, it was banned for years for fear that its use could have negative consequences. However, this has not been proven and the ban has therefore been lifted.

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- Butyl Nitrite Poppers

Butyl nitrite poppers are said to be the most effective and those that provide the best orgasms for many consumers. If you don't remember seeing this chemical compound on the label of your poppers bottles lately, don't worry, it's not because you've been distracted. Butyl nitrite was considered a dangerous and carcinogenic element. For this reason, since January 2017, its sales have been banned across Europe.

- Hexyl Nitrite based poppers

This formula is recent in the market, however the most frequent consumers already consider it a favourite! With euphoric properties, hexyl nitrite-based poppers are great vessel-expanders, which leads to increased heart rate and guaranteed arousal.

Curious to try it out? You can choose Blue Boy 30ml, Jungle Juice Platinum 30ml or The Real Amsterdam 30 ml and draw your own conclusions!

- Poppers produced with a mixture of nitrites

After seeing what only a nitrite can do, imagine what happens if we mix two of them! But you don't have to search too hard, Dragon Strong or El Toro show you what they are capable of! With powerful formulas, manufactured taking into account the best quality and safety, these poppers are recommended for experienced users.

"So which is the best popper for me?"

Well, that is a question that only you can answer. As you have seen, there are several types of poppers and each one provides unique moments. In addition, each body reacts differently to the effects of poppers. Depending on the sensations you are looking for, the ideal is to test several brands and various compositions of poppers until you find your favourite!

To help you with your choice, we recommend that you carefully read our article on which popper is made for you.