How to use poppers?

How to use poppers?

Are you curious to try poppers but don't know where to buy them or how to use them? Or are you already a fan of these magic bottles but would like to know if there is another way to use them to increase their effects? And after you buy, do you know how to store them without them losing their quality? To be able to enjoy all the benefits of this aphrodisiac liquid it is important that you have the answers to all these questions. And we will help you with that.

Where to find authentic poppers?

Before thinking about the best way to consume poppers, the first thing you have to worry about is finding quality poppers. For that, you will have to be very careful when choosing the store where you will buy them. It needs to be a trustable store, fist of all, to make sure that the product you are buying is original. It also has to be a reliable store as this is the only way to guarantee that your popper has been stored in the right conditions until it reaches you.

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How to use poppers?

First of all it is important to be aware that there are liquid poppers and solid poppers. Liquid poppers are sold in small bottles whose quantity varies between 9 ml and 30 ml. They are completely sealed and have resistant packaging so that the product does not lose its properties. In turn, solid poppers are sold in small, very practical aluminium boxes. In addition to the poppers being in a solid state without the risk of leakage or evaporation, the dimensions of the package facilitate its transport and allow it to be stored discreetly. That being said, the way liquid poppers and solid poppers will be used will also be different.

- How to use solid poppers

If you choose a solid popper, the only thing you need to do is open the aluminium packaging and rub the product with your fingers, and its effects will be immediate.

- How you can use liquid poppers

Liquid poppers are the most sold and appreciated by consumers worldwide. There are several ways to use this type of poppers. Make a note so you can choose the one you most identify with later:

• Use the popper as an aphrodisiac air freshener

If you have ever seen a bottle of popper, you have certainly noticed that they are often also marketed as liquid incense. This is due to the fact that one of the ways of using poppers is as air fresheners. To do this, you just need to open the bottle, place it on a flat surface and let the aroma spread through the room. In this way you will create an erotic environment and you will be able to feel the effects of the popper intensely. Just be careful to place the bottle away from any heat source, as they are very flammable substances.

• Inhale the popper directly from the bottle

This is the most popular way to use this liquid gold. We will give you a step by step to make the most of its effects:

  • Start by opening the bottle, being careful not to spill its contents.
  • Then, hold the popper with one hand and use the other to cover one nostril, thus leaving the other free to inhale.
  • Bring the bottle close to the free nostril and take a deep breath. At this point, be careful not to let the popper touch the skin, as it can cause burns.
  • By this time you will start to feel the first effects.
  • Now you have to seize the moment. If necessary, repeat the inhalation, taking care not to exceed 4 consecutive times.

• Using an inhaler

This accessory is the perfect solution to be able to inhale your precious liquid more safely, this is because you will not run the risk of spilling the liquid or suffering burns. How? We explain and you will see how easy it is:

  • Take a piece of cotton and moisten it in the popper bottle.
  • Then you have to remove the cap from the inhaler and insert the cotton wool inside it.
  • When the desired moment arrives, you only have to cover one nostril, bring the inhaler close to the uncovered nostril and inhale heavily.
  • The last step is always the same and the most fun: enjoy your glory minutes!

• Use an inhalation mask

There is yet another way to consume poppers and benefit from the advantages they offer: using an inhalation mask. If you want to inhale your popper with this accessory, we have a friend's tip for you: it is possible to create a vacuum to increase the poppers effect by covering the two side holes of the mask with your hands.

Since you already know in what ways you can use (but not abuse) your favourite poppers, we will tell you how to best store them.

How to store your favourite poppers

Did you know that the way you store a popper before and after opening it will have a direct impact on its quality? Poppers are very volatile substances so there are several precautions that you should take so that their properties are not changed. Due to their composition, poppers should be kept in a place protected from light and heat. After use, immediately close the bottle and make sure it is well sealed, and consume within a maximum of 3 weeks. Thus, you can ensure that the quality of your magic bottle is not compromised.

Now you know…

You already know how to use and how to store your poppers. You are also already aware of the care you need to take when using it. And we have already shown you the importance of buying from trusted stores. With all this information, it's up to you to find out what the best popper is and use it to your advantage in the most pleasurable moments!