Which Poppers Brand Should You Choose?

Wonderful recreational aromas, poppers, are known around the world for their fantastic euphoric effects and the power to increase pleasure.

Due to the fame of these aromas, today many poppers brands are offered at online poppers stores, sex shops, clubs and saunas. From this vast offer, the question arises: Which poppers brand should you choose?

Which Poppers Brand Should You Choose?

Which Popper to Choose?

The main factor that you should take into account when choosing which popper to buy is the effect you want to have. For this, it is important to know that poppers are made of a substance called nitrite.

In turn, there are different types of nitrite: isopropyl, isobutyl, amyl, and pentyl nitrite. Therefore, each substance is responsible for arousing different effects or different intensities of sensations. Nitrites are the origin to the different types of poppers.

Types of Poppers

There are four main substances that make up these recreational aromas and each has its own characteristics. For example, isopropyl nitrite poppers have medium potency and are ideal for beginners and for great sexual experiences.

Isobutyl nitrite aromas are strong in both potency and smell, as they have an acetone odour. However, this type of popper is not widely consumed as it was banned in Europe.

Another famous substance is amyl nitrite. Amyl poppers have a very strong potency and cause longer lasting and explosive effects, making them ideal for use at parties and shows.

The latest nitrite is indicated for those who have more experience and have preferences for powerful sensations. So we will talk about pentyl nitrite in a specific topic.

Which Poppers Brand Should You Choose for sex?

Pentyl Nitrite: Extra Strong Popper

The pentyl nitrite aroma is the best-selling on the popper market and its qualities are immense. Starting with its essential characteristics, since pentyl poppers are extra strong and have great power.

These aromas cause immediate euphoric effects and are suitable for people who like to feel vigorous sensations. In addition, they can increase the pleasurable sensations of sex if used during sexual intercourse.

If you want to experience the powerful effects of a pentyl nitrite aroma, but don't know where to start, we recommend that you check out the Extreme Ultra Strong popper.

Extreme Ultra Strong

If you are looking for an ultra strong Popper, you can find it at the Extreme Ultra Strong.

As you can see in the images below, you can buy them at our online poppers store in two sizes:

- Extreme Ultra Strong 10ml

- Extreme Ultra Strong 24ml

Poppers Shop

The Extreme Ultra Strong fragrance was developed at the request of experienced customers and consumers, seeking long-lasting sensations and more intense effects. As a result, the name of this fantastic pentyl essence already hints at its ultra-strong effects. Extreme Ultra Strong is the latest launch of the Dragon Aromas brand, a reference in the poppers market, responsible for several best-selling aromas like Rise Up, Dragon Power and El Toro.

To get to know all of its quality, the Extreme popper has a fast action, that is, it begins to produce effects immediately after inhalation; as well as a long-lasting one, because its effects are prolonged.

These characteristics make the vasodilator effect more powerful, acting to dilate the anal and vaginal muscles and making penetration more pleasant. So this popper is ideal to increase the power of orgasms and create the most powerful and intense sex.

Now, you just have to choose how big a pleasure you want, since you can find Extreme Ultra Strong in small 10ml bottles or in large 24ml bottles. After that, let Extreme do its thing and enjoy its incredible and powerful sensations.

Which Poppers Brand Should You Choose?

Dragon Aromas is a brand that aligns its experience in the popper market with the technology of the most respected laboratories to offer consumers the best aromas with high quality and safety.

With the focus on the health and well-being of its consumers, Dragon Aromas acts in a legal and responsible manner in poppers manufacturing. This guarantees the highest quality of the 14 popper brands that the company offers so far, also ensuring the loyalty of the customers and the preference of popper lovers.

The technology used by the company goes beyond the formulas of the aromas, since its packaging is also the focus of improvement and the objective is to ensure that customers have a perfect experience. Like the Popper Rise Up, which has an aluminium bottle, avoiding the danger of breaking, and also includes a pellet sphere inside the bottle that offers greater preservation of the aroma and allows it to keep fresh and last longer.

And in addition to the launch of Extreme Ultra Strong, Dragon Aromas presents the best-selling poppers in the British market: Dragon Power, El Toro Strong, Dragon Strong, Ghost Ultra Strong, King, The Real Amsterdam, Kraken and Stoke Mega Power. Discover Dragon Aromas and let yourself get inebriated by the exploding sensations and real pleasures.