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Popper El Toro Strong 24ml


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If you are looking for super strong and unique poppers, choose El Toro Strong and try this amazing extra strong popper with a unique blend formula of isopropyl nitrite and amyl nitrite.

Warning: Follow the instructions on the bottle. Do not mix poppers with Viagra.

Now with a new hermetically sealed safety cap

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CompositionIsopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4) Amyl Nitrite (CAS 110-46-3)
DescriptionOriginal and very strong
InformationWe only sell poppers with legal nitrite composition. The mixed isopropyl and amyl formula is of the best quality to maintain the same effects.

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The El Toro Strong comes with a megapellet, a ball inside the bottle, that helps to eliminate moisture in the poppers, allowing a much longer shelf life with no power loss even after opening.